Accelerating Inner Awakening



Intuitive Life Guidance

Tired of 'fighting life' and feeling like you are making little progress despite your 110% effort? I specialize in the facilitation of inner awakening by using intuition or inner sensing to guide your unique life path. Not my path, but your own.

Using sensing uncovers pockets of resistance and density that are delaying your trajectory. The mind becomes less noisy and a serene space opens up. From there an unveiling of the True Self brings new clarity to your journey. Life takes on a new rhythm and starts falling into place. It no longer seems you are fighting life. Quite simply, life becomes more synchronized.

Some clients are experienced travelers and know their path but feel 'stuck'. Others are just beginning their discernment and need an experienced guide. Either way or in between, it is my passion to respectfully meet you on your journey and accelerate your awakening. I am humbled and honored to do so. Now is the time to have Synchronicity in your life. 

Sync with Life!


If you had not suffered as you have, there would be no depth to you as a human being, no humility, no compassion.

~Eckhart Tolle



A Guide to Your Awakening

Wendy is a modern mystic and spiritual teacher gifted with interior insights that help facilitate inner awakening through a process of attunement and synchronization. 

Wendy's mystical experience started with a satori event four days post September 11, 2001, while in medical school. This powerful and transformational experience left her speechless for days. Following this experience, she searched to understand what had occurred. Her zeal for understanding and deepening what was already in motion, influenced her to abandon her medical studies. She spent the next few years in deep discernment, spiritual study and meditative prayer.

Over the years, many life events occurred along with unconscious behavior. Much frustration and confusion ensued which are common when lacking adequate guidance.

She pushed her inner calling aside and pursued a different route as a Nurse Anesthetist. It seemed to be going well until the gnawing call of the heart became stronger. She continued to resist until life pushed harder. After nearly losing, wealth, relationships and reputation, she was filled with anger and resentment. She kept pushing back against life until she couldn't push anymore.

This forced her to go deeply inside herself. The resentments were killing her. Wendy made a decision to die to her anger and hatred. Those hard moments transmuted into joy and gratitude.

It was through compassionate acceptance, understanding and forgiveness, that she realized how to intuitively attune with others. Helping them unveil their resistances, uncover their 'immortal diamond' and awaken at a much greater rate. What we think of as suffering is really an invitation to go into the deep within ourselves; to connect with the Source of the fabric of our being. Not just live but thrive in the present moment.

Wendy truly understands the human condition and how what seems like being off your path is really part of your path. It is an intelligent function that can move you forward. With the proper guidance, it can thrust you forward rather than spending decades wandering the desert alone. Either way, you will get there but why not get there faster?

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