• Wendy Watkins

Even the cactus blooms

Updated: Mar 10

Spikes, thorns, drought tolerant, heat loving, rattlesnake shelters and more describe cacti. The thought of these gnarly creations can conjure up various reactions. If you grew up in the desert, perhaps it reminds you of home. For others, it may symbolize the drive to survive even the most rigorous conditions. Or for someone like me that fell into a large cactus as a child, it may dredge up the pain of old wounds. I had thorns in my buttocks and thighs for over a week. But even with that I learned a few lessons, stay present within your body and don't act silly on the ledge of a porch.

These types of succulents may seem aggressive at first glance. They seem to scream, "Stay away from me" or "just leave me alone". Despite their appearance, they bloom beautifully under the right conditions: cool temperatures, reduced watering and more darkness. Just like us, the blooming comes out of a proper winterization which some call Dark Night of the Soul or the Desert. The flowering of human consciousness will happen within even the 'gnarliest' people. Some say, it is actually easier for such types because they have felt the pangs of winter longer.

I have found by working with all types that everyone is capable of this Flowering. Some are like overly ripened fruit. One squeeze and they literally pop open. Others are may need a gardener experienced with teasing out what they really need to fully flourish.

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